Islet Dadan

Harbour of Islet Dadan(Photo by 林媽騰)


Mark of『自由屏障』by anti-communists on a stone
(Photo by 林媽騰)


Stone sculpture since Ming Dynasty
(Photo by 林媽騰)


Visitors from both sides meet in water areas of Islet Dadan
(Photo by 洪世國)


A post on Islet Dadan


Islet Dadan and Erdan is about 6 km away from Lieyu, and can be reached by boat in 40 mins. The original name of Islet Dadan and Erdan are 大擔 and 二擔. They used to be governed by Xiamen, and is a series of islet near Harbour Xiamen, guarding throat of Harbour Xiamen. Like an old Chinese saying is 「一夫當關,萬夫莫敵」.
The surface area of Islet Dadan is only 1.078 km square. Its north and south sides are both small hills, as Beishan and Nanshan. They are connected by a central sandy beach. Nanshan is 92 m high. From there, you can overlook the whole islet and two giant reef south and north of the islet.
     In ancient times, there is 「大擔燈塔」in Nanshan and 「大擔寺」 constructed by Shilang, ancient well, cottage constructed by foreigners, and poems and armks left by poet and officers through many centuries in Beishan. It is unfortunate that they all all destroyed during wars. What have survived from wars are some calligraphy marks such as「鳳觀」,「雪浪雲濤」,「飛鯨」,「海天一色」,「閩南保障」, and some incomplete poems on the stony wall. These are mostly vestiges from Emperor Kanshi to Chienlong, thus they are especially precious.
     In 1950, Islet Dadan became famous after "Battle of Islet Dadan". There are various artilleries afterwards, and Islet Dadan still stand firmly by the support of its defensive force. This shows their determination in protecting our barrier and surviving together with the islet. After constructing Islet Dadan for decade, it now has strong underground castle and a garden in the sea above. If you ever come visit this islet, you can ride along a circular road around the complete islet. The scenes you will visit are as below:
     大膽島龍門 ----「自由屏障」, Shenming Hall and Spirit Castle, 「島孤人不孤」 Stone, Chungcheng Park, Dadan Hospital and small boat trench, Shenming Road, Shengji Tomb, Beian Temple, 「以軍為家」Park, Beishan Flag Stand, 三民主義統一中國----心戰牆, Beishan Enclosed Wall﹙Beian Temple﹚, Dadan Fountain, Dadan Tea Stop, Tomb of Intelligent Dog Silu, Xiaohushan, Tomb of General Mingwei, Old Harbour ---- 第一津, Dadan Speaker Post, Flag Stand in Diendenghuoshan, ・・・・・・・
    Islet Erdan has an surface area of 0.28 km square and is full of hills. The central mountain is 58 m. This islet is full of reef without good sandy beach, harbour or bay. The only relic on the islet is the Wanren Well digged by Tsengchenggong when he was training his soldiers.
Islet Dadan and Erdan are rich in historial and literary vestiges. However, they are still under heavy military control, and are not open to public yet.

In order for government of Republic of China to pass the message of freedom, democracy, equal wealth to Mainland China, in august of 1986, local defensive force constructed a wall with marked words「三民主義統一中國」on a giant rock in Beishan which is directly opposite of Xiamen. This giant wall is 3.2 m high, 20 m long, and takes 6 months to complete.
When it is first constructed. Red light will be open every night after seven, revealing the words「三民主義統一中國」. The words are colourful and flashing, and can be seen in harbour area of Island Xiamen. Later, due to changes in policy and tremendous electricity used by the red lights, the red lights are removed in july 1995.
心戰牆 has became on apparent visiting spot. Any visitors that come to Islet Dadan will come to this banner and take a photo. Recently, it has also became a favorite travelling option for visitors from China. In harbour of Xiamen, there is always someone willing to take visitors to visit Islet Dadan by 100 RMB per person. They will take them in front of banner by boat. There are usually 20 boats everyday from Xiamen. We might as well let the visitors say hello to the on board soldiers as a peace embassy from China!
心戰牆 is dedicated to annouce our intention to Mainland China. On its backis our national flag and banners as below:
Each lines show their will power and determination, by cooperating, against common enemy, equal sharing of good/bad and honour/shame, making this little islet stronger by day, making it into a "beautiful sea garden".